Monday, March 6, 2017

Road widening and felling down of trees in Bolangir--By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

The price of development .7th March 2017.
Roads are being widened in Bolangir district and huge roadsides tress which are locally useful and beneficial and above fifty years or even more old are cut .there is  no activity in sight to plant tress on the roadside. plantation of tress and survival of it is a new challenging task for variety of reasons including irregular and inadequate rainfall and lack of strong commitment of people to save it .And it would take another a minimum 20 years to grow a good tall tree .InBolangir district,mostly, Neem,Jamun,Mahul and other useful tress were there,which was cut for road widening .This would have serious consequences on livelihoods of local poor and their health ,ground water and  environment.( more detail -to be posted later on.)  

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