Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pipe(leaked) waterand PipalBanayan tree by Sudhir Mishra

Watering Pipal/Banayan tree.
It may sound a little strange for many as Pipal tree hardly requires watering.But people of our  country since long time have carry on the practices of giving water to banyan/Pipal  tree after taking bath  to earn punya.
But actually our forefathers had adopted these practices to check soil erosion, provide shade to fellow traveler and rest place for many birds and insects and providing oxygen to people of that area.
It is common to find water leaking from PHD pipe water supply in many places of a town to go waste. However much to my surprise i found this man collecting water from the leaked source and  pouring it in the root of pepal tree.
For a moment I could not believe it and when I saw it again I simply admired the person's effort to give water to Pipal tree and he was offering water to Pipal tree -without putting his shoes as a mark of respect
The day I don’t not get water from pipe(leaked), I brought it from a tube-well- andgave to tree says Deba patel . I admired the spirit of  Deba’s offering-water- which I think is due to the teachings of our forefathers to take care  of trees like Banayan and Pipal----Will other people listen to this?

I took these photograph from my mobile around 7.45am 31st August 2013 morning  --)

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