Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Cloudy Sky and bright Sunrays in Balangir by SudhirMishra,23July2013

Sudhir Mishra/Balangir.23July2013.
The Cloudy Sky and bright Sunrays in Balangir.
Balangir;Normal life in Balangir town was affected due to heavy rain last night (22nd July  night)as rain water over flowed the drain ( as drain area  encroached and choked in many parts of the town) and entered low lying area /houses increasing the ordeal of denizen further.
The sky was over cloudy and there was no sign of Sun. However all of a sudden there was a bright sun rays all of a sudden which surprised me. I took few photographs immediately (Today23July around 5pm) from my mobile. Presenting the pictures of cloudy sky, and the bright Sunrays .As the Sunrays was coming directly towards me, few photographs may not be so clear. But long shadows of people could be seen in the photographs.


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