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‘Awareness can prevent AIDS in migration-prone Balangir’ MONDAY, 25 JUNE 2012 22:14 PNS | BALANGIR

 Bhubaneswar ‘Awareness can prevent AIDS in migration-prone Balangir’
MONDAY, 25 JUNE 2012 22:14
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After its arrival in 2008 and 2010, the Red Ribbon Express, once again chugged into Balangir railway station from Kantabanji to generate awareness about HIV/AIDS among the masses.
India stands third in terms of HIV positive people after South Africa and Nigeria in the world. It is rapidly rising in African countries because of lack of adequate treatment facility. In India, though better medical facility for treatment of HIV/AIDS is available, but the major constraint is lack of awareness, social set-up, where in discussion of HIV/AIDS is considered as a taboo, besides treatment, observed Balangir SP R Prakash speaking at a meeting organised by Zilla Swasthya Samiti on the occasion.
The migrant population is more vulnerable to the disease. To combat it effectively, awareness about the modes of transmission of HIV, symptoms of AIDS and its prevention and the cooperation of all sections of society are required, he said.
“We have grown up in such an atmosphere that it does not approve of discussion on many such things. We need a free and frank discussion with adolescent people about the causes, symptoms and prevention of AIDS. There is a need to change the mindset of people and youth, observed Balangir MP Balikesh Narayan Singhdeo while addressing a gathering on the occasion. He hoped that the Red Ribbon Express will be able to generate awareness among masses about HIV/AIDS and prevent spread of the disease further.
So far a total of 585 HIV positives have been detected in Balangir and a total of 285 people are undergoing Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) treatment here, informed senior medical officer of ART centre DR PC Sahu.
“We administer Anti Retroviral therapy treatment to the HIV positives, whose CD4 counts stand below 250. A CD4 machine has been installed in the district headquarters.  Besides looking after HIV patients of Balangir, Subarnapur, Boudh and Nuapada districts, we are also looking after the patients of Sambalpur and even from Angul district, Sahu informed further.
Among others, District Collector Sailendra Narayan Dey, CDMO Dr Vikrant Kindo and chairperson of Balangir Municipality Damayanti Bag addressed the gathering.

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