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(police announcing it in a press conference)
Friday, 17 November 2017 | SUDHIR MISHRA | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
On a tipoff, a police team led by DSP Gunanidhi Mallick raided the storehouse of one Sudam Mahaling on Tuesday night at Sadeipali village located on the outskirts of the town and seized a huge cache of explosives.
The police arrested three persons, including the BJP’s Kantabanji Nagar president Murarilal Agarwal and his son Mahesh Agarwal in connection with the incident.
They seized 106 bundles of safety fuse, 38 bags of ammonium nitrate and also another loose 15kg of ammonium Nitrate, 13,527 electrical detonators, 35, 5,770 non-electrical detonators, 15 kg charcoal powder, 15 kg sulphar powder and electrical wire of 8 bundles besides cash of Rs 2, 32,155, informed Balangir SDPO Narayan Naik at a Press conference here on Thursday.
The police during investigations found that Sudam had an explosives license which was valid till March 2011. He used to procure the explosives from one Mahesh Agrawal of Kantabanji.
Although father of Mahesh, Muralilal Agrawal is having an explosive licence, yet the explosive supplied to Sudam is illegal, the SDPO said.
Neither Murailal has provided any documents for selling the explosive to Sudam nor has he a valid license to store the huge quantity of explosives. The police have seized cash worth of Rs 2, 32,155 of the transaction, further said the SDPO.
Sudam used to sell the explosive to quarry operators in the district. But he could not produce any papers in support of his purchase from Murarilal. The police arrested Sudam and Mahesh and registered a case under Sections 5 of the Explosive Substance Act, said Naik.
But the question is how the police and intelligence machinery could not know about the trading of explosives of huge quantity going on here.
Reporters pointed out how police in Kantabanji let off a truck laden with explosives a few years ago and expressed concern over illegal operation of stone quarries in the district and blasting.
Locals also expressed surprise how could such a huge quantity of explosive were stored in the village. 


Friday, 03 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Birds, locally called ‘Kank’ or open billed stork, are thronging Sirabahal village in Deogaon block during the ongoing winter, much to the joy of bird watchers. The village is 15 km from here and given the safety ensured to them by the locals, the winged guests have been coming here every year over the last decade.
These birds usually come in the month of June or just before the festival of Sitalsashti. “We do not know where these birds come from and fly back after they have a short stint here till Kartik Purnima,” says a villager.
Initially, when the birds came here, there was no dearth of poachers but the locals provided them safety. Consequently, poaching is a thing of the past here. After staying here for four months, these birds leave for their native destinations. Only those who give birth to chicks stay here, says Dibya Lochan Biswal, a villager.
“We believe these birds as the harbinger of monsoon. Around 1,500 birds are staying in different trees of our village near the pond and mango trees. While they reside in mango and others trees, usually Banyan and Pipal tree branches regenerate to the impact of the acidic stool of birds,” points out the Biswal further.
These birds are coming to the villages as they are finding it a safe place to stay and form nest.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the people and birds since they love each other. Paddy crops are also protected as these birds eat away snail and other insects, says a bird lover.


Saturday, 04 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR / JHARSUGUDA/ BRAHMAPUR | in Bhubaneswar
Close on the heels of farmers of several other parts of the State torching their paddy crops due to damage caused by pest attack, farmers in Balangir district also burnt their paddy crop due to damage.
According to reports, a farmer of Khapraphol in Balangir, Brundaban Barik, on Thursday set fire to his paddy crops after it was
affected due to Chakada or Brown Plant Hopper (BPH) pest attack.
Barik has a total of eight acres of land, out of which three acres are having irrigation facility and rest five acres are non-irrigated.
He had appraised the district administration about his problems. Agriculture Department officials had advised him to spray insecticide.
But although the crop condition was good, the unseasonal rainfall, hot and humid conditions accelerated the pest attack, sources said.
Normally, the BPH pest occurs in the summer paddy crop. But the rainfall after Durga Puja and hot and humid conditions led to BPH pest attack in the Kharif paddy crop. Due to this pest attack at the roots of plants, the nutrition and other supplies to the plants are cut off, resulting in death of the plants, said Balangir Deputy Director of Agriculture Sridhar Das.
Asked to comment on substandard insecticide being sold in the market and provided to farmers, Das said, “We have collected samples of the insecticide and sent them to the State laboratory for test.”
“We have got reports of the pest attack from Gudvella, Loisingha and Khapraphol blocks and a report is being prepared for submission to the Government, he added.
In Jharsuguda district, farmers in Siriapalli village set fire to their crops after attack by pests. Reports said more than 50 farmers set their damaged crops ablaze on Friday.
Besides, in Rampa village of Chikiti block of Ganjam district, a farmer set on fire his damaged crops

STORED PADDY TORCHED BY MISCREANTS Wednesday, 08 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Wednesday, 08 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Even as farmers of Balangir and other districts are torching their paddy fields due to the damage caused by pest attack, in a new development, a farmer of Balangir district has sought assistance from the local Tehsildar after his stored paddy crop was burnt by miscreants.
According to the petition submitted to the Loisingha Tehsildar, Taaini Pradhan of Santika village in Agalpur block had cultivated paddy in five acres of land which included three acres of land taken on sharecropping basis.
After harvest, the paddy was kept in his barn .However on Sunday night, some unknown miscreants set fire to the stored paddy.
Though Fire Brigade personnel doused the fire, the paddy stock was reduced to ashes.

Following this, Pradhan knocked at the doors of the Tehsildar to conduct an inquiry and extend him the necessary assistance. 


Thursday, 16 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Acting on a tip-off, a team of Boudh forest officials arrested two persons while they were negotiating sale of tusks on Tuesday morning. 
Sources said the team led by ACF Sushil Tripathy and DFO Yashobant Seth nabbed two persons while negotiating sale of two tusks from Ghat road near Matakrupa reserve forest in Kantamal forest range in Boudh district, 75 km from here.
The two tusks weighed 5.9 kg and the local value of the seized tusks would be around Rs 21 lakh and in the international market it would be around Rs 8 lakh, said forest office sources.
Forest officials suspect that a gang is operating in Boudh and Kandhamal area and carrying out this illegal trade of wildlife products.

In Boudh forest division there are 25 elephants. Forest official believe that the seized tusks is of an adult elephant around 30 years 


Wednesday, 15 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
Even as farmers of Balangir, Loisingha and Deogaon blocks often get crops damaged due to movement of pachyderms yet the death of a newborn elephant has caused a lot of concern among animal lovers in the district.
According to reports, the elephant baby was found dead near Danipali village, 35 km from here, under the Negipali reserve forest in Agalpur block. It was a premature-born male elephant baby, sources said.
As the baby was premature-born, many questions have now hunted animal lovers as to what could be the condition of the mother elephant. It should be studied under what conditions elephants are giving birth before time, said some locals.
Just a year ago, a baby elephant was born in Loisingha range. What would be next movement of the herd of elephants numbering around 31 that remains to be seen, they said. According to reports, the movement of the herd has been a cause of tension between villages located along the borders of Balangir and Subarnapur districts as it damages their paddy crops. Each time, they attempt to drive away the elephants using crackers, cymbals and stones.
“Elephants are king of the forest. Nobody can check their movement. But we are facing the ire of local people,” said a forest official.

According to reports, the elephant baby was buried in the Negipali Reserve forest area in the presence of forest and veterinary officials.

“The ACF has gone to the spot. Details will be known when he reports to me,” said Balangir DFO Sameer Satpathy.

FARMER ATTEMPTS TO COMMIT SUICIDE Monday, 13 November 2017 | PNS | BARIPADA/ BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Monday, 13 November 2017 | PNS | BARIPADA/ BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
A farmer, Maheswar Mohanty, of  Pingua village in Mayurbhanj district tried to end his life by consuming pesticide on Sunday.
He was rushed to the Udala hospital in a critical condition.
He had grown crops in five acres of land, but due to pest attack the crops were totally damaged, said his family members.
Reports also said that another farmer in Semilia village of Balangir district also tried to commit suicide due to crop damages and was hospitalised.

MEET HELD FOR B’NGIR FRC MEMBERS Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
To promote women leadership among Forest Rights Committee (FRC) members and empower and ensure women participation more in Gram Sabha meetings and FRC meetings, a women leadership development meeting was held at Sandasmunda village.
Sarapanch Kermeli panchayat Swarna Champa Suna presided. It was organised by the Regional Centre for Development Cooperation and supported by the Oxfam India. Social worker and lawyer Minakshi Purohit was chief guest.
She explained in detail about legal rights of women on land resources and urged them to raise their voice against exploitation. Sarapanch Suna supported the women leadership movement and assured all kinds of support for the purpose.

Director Programme Services of RCDC Asim Mohapatra shared regarding RCDC activities and welcomed the participants for 25th year celebration of RCDC in 2017. Pravat Mishra highlighted the provision of FRA and role of women in FRA process. Kulamani Sahu raised the issue of Kendu leaf and thanked the participants for their cooperation. 

MIGRANT HELP DESK OPENED IN TELANGANA Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar

Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar
The Odisha Government has taken initiatives to set up migrant labour help desks in five States to extend support to workers from Odisha working at brick kilns and different factories in those States.
The help desks have been established as part of a three-year action plan in view of frequent incidents of torture and deaths of Odisha workers in plant mishaps reported in recent years. The Government has decided to provide safety and welfare to the migrant workmen in destination States.
Under this year’s annual action plan (AAP), help desk works have begun in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi.
Telangana Help Desk has already been launched with effect from May 1, where the Tata Trust is extending support. It is operating at Labour Commissioner’s office at Hyderabad, sources said. Another help desk would come for Andhra Pradesh.
Similarly, a help desk would be opened at the Odisha Bhawan soon and help desks in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka would be opened subsequently.
In many instances there are complaints of migrant workmen not being paid their dues or being kept in poor living conditions or being restrained at the worksite of the employer. These help desks, being set up by the Labour and ESI Department with support of associations of Odia persons, would resolve their problems, said officials. The associations have been given required funds, they said.
The Management of Utkal Association of Madras, Odisha Cultural Association, Bangalore, Utkal Sanskrutika Samaj, Vishakhapatnam have undertaken works.
Government officials are now visiting destination States during the peak migration season to make contact with Odia labourers and enquire into their problems and welfare, said sources.
As more migrant laborers are working in Chennai and Hyderabad, Labor Commissioner Sachin Ramchand  Jadav is visiting these places, sources added.
Meanwhile, mobile squads have been set up in migration-prone districts for providing immediate response to complaints of illegal migration.

Sources said that special police officers have been appointed to conduct checks at gram panchayat level in vulnerable districts. 

LET ARTISTS OF NATIONAL REPUTE TRAIN LOCAL TALENTS’ Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar 1

Thursday, 09 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
For the development of Kosal Kalamandal, a proposal to construct an indoor auditorium inside the Kosal Kalamandal at an estimated cost of Rs 9 crore has been submitted to the WODC, said Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo, speaking at the 3rd day of Balangir Lok Utsav on Tuesday evening.
The indoor stadium would try to have a dance, performing art and drama school so that other talented artists from outside could come and give training to the artists here, he said.
“My grandfather RN Singh Deo had donated land for promotion of art and culture to promote local talents and make Balangir a center of art and culture,” Singh Deo said further.
He suggested that the Lok Utsav Organizing Committee should use the social media extensively by uploading the videos of live performances in social media like Face book, Twitter and You tube so that people living outside could view them.
Among others, guest artist Ramachandra Sahu spoke how he became an artist and opined for the establishment of a dance drama and performing school. The Kosal Kalmandal should have the statue of late RN Singh Deo, he opined.

Among others, Chairman of Balangir Municipality Santosini Behera and ADM Laxmikant Pyrelal Pradhan also spoke. Artist Phagunu Parabhue was honoured with shawl and citation.

ANNUAL BALANGIR LOK USTAV KICKS OFF Tuesday, 07 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar

Tuesday, 07 November 2017 | PNS | BALANGIR | in Bhubaneswar
The annual Balangir Lok Ustav, organised jointly by the Balangir Lok Ustav Committee and the Department of Tourism and Culture and the ORMAS, was inaugurated by Minister of Steel and Mines Prafulla Mallick here on Sunday.
The artists should get skill development training so that they could be better equipped and face the changing situation, Mallick observed, appreciating the effort of the organisers to hold the Ustav annually to display traditional art, dance and culture of the district and other parts across the country.
Chairman of State Mahila Samabaya Nigam Srimayee Mishra opined for a special name for the Ustav, like Parab of Koraput. Chairman of Balangir Zilla Parishad Bharti Mahanand expressed concern over neglect of the artists in the rural areas. On the occasion, a souvenir brought out by the Lok Ustav Committee was released by the guests. Members of the souvenir committee were present.
Senior artist Maheshwar Jal was honoured with a shawl and citation. Speaking on the occasion, Jal expressed concern over decline in quality of Ganda Baja and called upon all to save and promote it. Artist Manoj Mohanty enthralled the audience too on the occasion with his song.

Bihu dance from Assam, cultural troops from NEZCE (Mizoram), Sabar Sabarein dance of Boudh ,Jodi Shank dance from Ganjam and dance troupe from Titilagarh enthralled the audience.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The morning Sun and its reflections on river water;bySudhir Mishra/Bolangir

Nature's beauty.By Sudhir Mishra/Bolangir

3rd International Children's Film festival at Bolangir from 14thto 17th NOV

Bolangir.12th November.
The third International Children's Film festival is going to be held at Bolangir from 14th to 17th November. This was announced to media at a press conference by Executive Chairman of International Children's Film festival at Bolangir, Sri Muralidhari  Pati today afternoon.

A total of 52 short films from different countries including UK,USA, France ,Brazil, Argentina and Mexico are scheduled to be exhibited.Two features film, The Mother's Day and GATTU sent to this film festival, by Children Film Society of India, would be screened for four days.Besides this two other films,"Sabash Bachho" directed by Ashok Mishra and JAI HAi directed Manas Parida of Bolangir, would be screened, Sri Pati says further.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Solar power tube well -water supply lying defunct more than one year in Bolangir.

Solar power tube well -water supply lying defunct for more than one year in Bolangir.
 Bolangir:9th November 2017.

It is a common to find tubewell  in village lying defunct due to the apathy of official and lack of maintenance, in rural areas. 
However when besides the manually operated tubewell is fitted with the extra machine and operated by solar panel , also lying defunct for years due to lack of maintenance and repair for years is a point to worry.

Earlier we used to take water from the tubewell operating manually.Three years ago ,a machine was fitted inside the tubewell and solar panel was installed. After this installation, water would be filled up in the tank automatically and we would get water from the standpoint constructed thereby turning on the tap says Chakra Munda a villager ofMohmmadpur , located 18km away from here in Deogaon Block.
Majority of villagers belong to Kolha tribe(ST).

However one and half year ago the machine stopped working. we faced a lot of difficulties in getting water.we complained to the local authority and those who came to repair told us to remove the machinery installed there in Tubewell. With no option left, we removed the equipment and we are taking water from tubewell manually.

When we contacted the toll free number, for repair, we could not understand what it told.We the urge authority to repair the defunct machine installed in the tubewell made the solar panel operated tubewell functional and reduce our daily ordeal says a villager.
 (another photograph of standpoint remaining dry as the solar-powered tubewell is not functioning.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

18thBolangirLokUstav;Sadeikasla Choudance;Bolangir MP Kalikesh Singhdeo speaking onthis occasion/

Indoor auditorium to be constructed for further development art and culture; Bolangir MPKalikesh Sighdeo
Use social media more to propagate the rich and diverse art and culture of Bolangir;
7th November 2017.Bolangir
;For the development of Kosal Kalmandal  a proposal to construct an   indoor auditorium inside the Kosal Kalamandal at an estimated cost of rupees  9crore has been submitted to WODC.
That indoor stadium would try to have the dance, performing art and drama school, so that other talented artist from outside could come and give training to the artist here.This was observed by BolangirMP Kalikesh NaraynSinghdeo speaking at the 3rd day of Bolangir Lok Ustav on Tuesday evening
My grandfather RNsinghdeo had donated land for promotion of
art and culture, to promote local talent, and to make Balangir a Center of art and culture ,Singhdeo says further.
The Lok ustav organizing committee should use the social media extensively by uploading the video in social media likFacebook Twitter and You
Tube so that people living outside could view and derive satisfaction by seeing live the art and culture of Bolangir. The LokUstav organizing committee should be strengthened so that artist of repute could come here and displayed their talents here observed BolangirMP Singhdeo further.

Among others guest artist Ramachandra Sahu spoke how he became an artist and opined for establishment of dance drama and performing school. This Kosal Kalmandal should have the statue of Late RNsinghdeo who donated this land for development of art and culture here and always strived for that.
Among others, Chairman of Bolangir municipality, Smt Santosini Behera, ADM Laxmikant PyrelalPradhan also spoke. Onthis occasion.Sri PhagunuParabhue a,Mandal artist was honoured with shawl and citation.

There are three types Chou dance namely Sadeikela,Purulia, and Mayurbhanj. On this occasion several dances including Chou of Sadeikhlea Jharkhand was displayed by artist. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Civil Society Dialogue on labour migration held at Bolangir:MOU with Andhra Pradresh and Telengana should be signed for betterment of Migrant workers.

Civil Society Dialogue on labour migration held at Bolangir:MOU with Andhra Pradresh and Telengana should be signed for betterment of Migrant workers.
Bolangir. Oct 27, 2017.
Closely on the heel of Government taking stock of the progress made of its special package to check migration in 30GPs of Bolangir and Nuapada, now comes the reports  of members of Civil society holding a dialogue on labour migration of Western Odisha on 26th and 27thOctober at Bolangir.

Organized Jointly by GAATW,SEWA,Aaina, and Aide et Action Bhubneshwar, and attended by grassroots organizations working on migration and bonded labour in Bolangir, Bargarh, Nuapada,Kalhandi and Sonepur district, the meet deliberated on different aspect of Labour migration from these districts  and how to streamline it by strengthening the existing mechanism like proper Implementation of MGNREGS, Inter-State Migrant Worksman Act of 1979,strengthing of vigilance committee at District level, proper and effective registration of migrants worker at Panchyat level, monitoring of skilled women workers working in outside state ,creation of corpus fund to deal away with problem  of payment of MGNREG workers.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with erstwhile Andhra Pradesh for betterment of migrants labourers while in Andhra Pradesh is defunct now. A new MOU with both Andhra Pradesh and Telengana state should be signed for better monitor ing of migrants workers there,opined UMi Daniel of Aide et Bhubneshwar.

Daniel also opined for effective preparation and Implementation of Intensive participatory planning and providing the job as per the results of planning exercise to improve the condition of poor people and for success of MGNREGS.

Among others Lalita Missal(NAWO)Nalini (SEWA)Sneha Mishra(AAINA) Saroj Barik of Aide et Action, Bhubneshwar, besides representatives from civil society organizations of Bolangir, Nuapada, Kalhandi, Bargarh attended and deliberated on this issue.


Wednesday, 25 October 2017 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar
More than 3.15 lakh hectares of land in 70 blocks of 15 districts across the State are affected by drought. Of the 15 districts, Balangir, Bargarh, Dhenkanal, Boudh and Nuapada are the worst-affected with Balangir in  top of  the list with 14 blocks followed by Bargarh with 10 blocks, said  Minister of Revenue and Disaster Management Maheswar Mohanty here on Tuesday.
“This was estimated by a field survey. The concerned line departments’ officials will again meet on October 27, following which a final report will be submitted to the Chief Minister. Subsequently, a drought assistance package for the affected districts will be announced,” the Minister said.
Mohanty further said the Government would declare the drought package earlier than previous years. “Without waiting for the crop cutting report, the State Government will announce assistance much earlier on the basis filed by the survey,” he added.
Special Relief Commissioner (SRC) Bishnupada Sethi said the Government has received drought reports from the district Collectors and is examining the reports, following which it would declare the drought-hit areas by October 30.
“The reports are being analysed. Nothing has been finalised yet. The deadline for announcing drought-affected areas is October 30,” Sethi stated.
Earlier, a team of representatives led by the SRC had visited Nuapada and Balangir districts to review the drought situation resulting in massive crop damage.

Thursday, 26 October 2017 | PNS | BHUBANESWAR | in Bhubaneswar
Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik announced a drought assistance package at the State Secretariat here on Wednesday for the farmers facing crop loss of 33 per cent and above during the current Kharif season in 15 districts.
“Agriculture input subsidy will be provided to the small and marginal farmers who have sustained crop loss of 33 per cent and above at Rs 6,800 per hectares of land in rain-fed or non-irrigated areas and Rs 13,500 per hectares of land in areas under assured irrigation,” Patnaik said.
Agriculture input subsidy would also be provided to farmers other than small and marginal farmers at the same rates subject to a ceiling of two hectares per farmer. The assistance would be provided to the actual cultivators, he said.
Farmers affected by drought in Kharif would be provided fresh finance for Rabi cultivation, which has commenced from October 1, the Chief Minister said.
He further said, “Short-term Kharif loans advanced in the affected areas during Kharif having crop loss of 33 per cent and above shall be converted into medium-term (conversion) loans.”
Patnaik also directed the district administrations to keep an eye on moneylenders causing financial hardship to the farmers and directed the police to initiate stringent action against such elements under the Odisha Money Lenders Act and various Sections of the CrPC.
“The SPs will have the responsibility to proactively deal with this. The DIGs will review the matter,” he said.
“Five thousand pump sets would be provided with 50 per cent subsidy limited to Rs 15, 000 to the farmers. Besides, availability of pump sets in different Agro Service Centres shall be published to enable the farmer to hire the same to save their standing crops,” the CM said.
The Odisha Lift Irrigation Corporation (OLIC) would take immediate steps to repair the lift irrigation points (LI Points) in all the affected villages on a priority basis. Steps would be taken to operate all LI Points during Rabi season. A total of 1.25 lakh pulse mini kits, 0.5 lakh oilseed minikits and 0.25 lakh vegetable minikits will be supplied to the farmers for the Rabi programme in the affected villages,” he said.
MGNREGA works would be undertaken by the Panchayati Raj Department to establish water harvesting structures or de-silting of field channels and diversion weirs, ‘’Our Government will provide 50 days of additional work in drought hit areas,’’ Patnaik said.
Landless, marginal and small farmers in the drought-affected GPs of 70 blocks would be provided livelihood support in terms of backyard poultry, he informed.
 “Fifty per cent remission in respect of cess on land revenue will be given to the farmers where the crop loss is 33 per cent or more,” the Chief Minister added.